Rustic Road Run Waiver

Safety is our primary concern.  Please observe all federal, state, and local laws. Ride safely and defensively. We request that you wear a helmet, appropriate clothing and eye wear, and that your passenger does the same. If you and/or your passenger choose to ride without a helmet, you do so at your own risk. Please ride with your headlight on at ALL times and never ride under the influence of alcohol or drugs.


NAME OF EVENT: 2022 RUSTIC ROAD RUN                        DATE: JUNE 4, 2022

In consideration of the acceptance of my entry in this event, I do for myself, my heirs, executors, administrators, and assigns, hereby give up, RELEASE, and forever DISCHARGE in advance my rights to sue or make any claim for damages due to negligence or carelessness against Officers, Directors, members, and agents; other promoters, sponsors, and their employees; and all organizations and their employees (collectively, the “Organizers”) conducting or connected with the RUSTIC ROAD RUN RIDE or RUSTIC ROAD RIDERS INC for: (a) any bodily injury that I may suffer, including (without limitation) crippling injury or death; and (b) any property damage I may incur, while participating in the event and while upon event premises.

I AM AWARE THAT MOTORCYCLING CARRIES A SIGNIFICANT RISK OF SERIOUS PERSONAL INJURY, DEATH, AND PROPERTY DAMAGE. I know the risks of danger to myself, my minor child (if present), and my property while participating in the event and while upon the event premises and, relying upon my own judgment and ability. I ASSUME ALL SUCH RISKS OF LOSS and hereby agree to reimburse the Organizers for all costs awarded against them or incurred by them (including, without limitation, all reasonable attorneys’ fees and expenses), and to forever HOLD HARMLESS and INDEMNIFY, all Organizers, generally and specifically, from any and all liability for death and/or personal injury or property damage in any way from my participation in this event.

Consent is also hereby given to use [my][my child’s] name, picture, portrait, likeness, writings, or biographical information, sound, and silent motion pictures of [my][my child’s] medium in any promotional, editorial, or advertising purposes.

By signing this document, I certify that I have read this document, fully understand it, have been afforded the right to negotiate its terms, and that I am not relying on any statement or representations of any of the released parties. This document shall be binding upon me, my, [my child’s] heirs, executors, administrators, and assigns [all legal guardians of my child].