The Rustic Road Riders were ready to rally

For the last five years, we have hosted the Rustic Road Run in the Spring. Every year the event has gotten bigger, and every year we have raised more money for Children’s Wisconsin – Milwaukee Hospital with the help of hundreds of riders in our biker family.

This year, we wanted to bring our event back to our home base — Walworth County — and continue with our trend of making it bigger and better every year. But because the COVID-19 situation is closing down events and there’s so much uncertainty, we won’t be able to bring you the amazing rally we were planning this year.

We will continue to move forward with the plans we started for an even bigger and better rally in 2021, so stick around for those details to be released early next year. Until then, we’ll be planning the 6th Annual Rustic Road Run…just a little later in the season…once we know more about how the COVID-19 situation will continue to impact our daily lives. Look for updates toward the middle of summer.

Just to let you know how hard of a decision it was to cancel our event (even though we know it was the best and safest thing to do), here are the reasons our members were so excited about the June rally.

“The one thing I’m most excited for is to be able to bring so many people memories.” – Josh, RRR President

“Oh boy, I’m so nervous, but I’m sooooooo hyped by the partnerships we’ve created with everyone so far.  However, I would say most of all, most of the RRRiders are from Walworth County and we’re bringing it back home, giving back to the community, and being able to say I was a part of that.” – Jess, RRR Secretary

“The possibilities of growth and exposure to a broader base of support. And establishing a permanent home of the rally, Run, and riders so all the benefits come home to our communities where we live and work in Walworth County.” – JT, RRR Director of Events

“I’m most excited to see the excitement on people’s faces.” – Alex, RRR Member

“To see the final product of all our efforts.” – Jake, RRR Member

“I’m just excited to be a part of it all.” – Lynn, RRR Member

“Seeing the big groups and crowds that come out to participate in our mission has always moved me and meant so much. It’s going to be bigger than ever this year and I cannot wait to see the gigantic impact come to life.” – Rita, RRR Member

“I think I’m most excited to see what the Rustic Road Rally may become now and in the future.” – Drew, RRR VP

“I’m mostly excited to have this event back in a local location. Also, I’m excited to see how it all comes together, being a bigger than ever event…and to watch it grow through the years!” – Josh, RRR Treasurer

“Being able to help and get involved in a great cause. I’m also definitely excited about racking up the miles as well!” – Kevin, RRR Member

“I’m most excited about seeing people come from all different directions to help support this amazing cause. I’d like to see how far  people come from to attend this rally.  This event is for such a precious cause that a lot of people can relate to, so seeing how far people are willing to travel to attend this and help us give back will be interesting to see.” – Nicole, RRR Member

“Helping Josh and the rest of the RRR members exceed our expectations!” – Mark, RRR Member

“I’m most excited to see the smiles on people’s faces; to feel the energy given off by those at the event.” – Bethany, RRR Member

WOW! Now add 12 months of planning and anticipation to all of them and you can imagine how amazing the first rally will be. See you in the fall for the Run and in 2021 for the first Rustic Road Rally!

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