The Rustic Road Riders: Why we ride

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We are the Rustic Road Riders. We support our communities. We volunteer. We promote safety. We have family values. We raise money for charities. We know how to have a good time. And — what started it all — WE RIDE!

Everyone rides for a different reason: To feel the wind in your hair. The feel of the open road. The freedom. Here’s why WE RIDE.

It’s the one thing in life that offers me complete freedom. You become one with your machine and the road becomes your existence. No matter where you go, what turn you make, you are never truly lost and another adventure is right around corner.

Josh – RRR President

I started riding in my 20s, more for the thrill and the speed. I took some time off from riding because car seats don’t fit on the back of a bike. When my kids became older, I decided I wanted to get a bike again and fell in love with it for a different reason. Now I ride because it relaxes me when I’m anxious, it cheers me up when I’m sad, it connects me with my friends when I’m lonely, it cools me down when I’m angry, it brings more enjoyment when I’m feeling good, and it helps me spend one -on-one time with my wife. What else does that?

Drew – RRR VP

I started riding when I was 5 on a mini-bike, so it became a big part of me at a very young age. When I got older, and was able to share the road with family, it became (and still is) a relaxing way to clear my mind. 

Josh – RRR Treasurer

I used to be terrified of being on a bike until I braved it and sat on (Drew’s) backseat. Now I yearn for it. Riding together on the motorcycle is a different experience then sitting in a car, it’s experiencing the world around me, gliding through the roads with mostly trees, taking in nature around me as if we’re connected, feeling the wind blow against every part of my body, smiling and waving at people and children who hear us driving up, my husband’s hand that rests on my left leg, the quiet ride and the relaxed feeling to reflect on life, thoughts, and myself, and so much more.  

Jess – RRR Secretary

For me it’s a spiritual thing kind of old school, no radio, GPS, or windshield. Just you, the sites, sounds, and smells of the road. Alone, sun and wind to cleanse the troubles and stresses from your mind, Body, Spirit, And  Soul. Plus it’s cheaper than a therapist.

JT – RRR Director of Events

I ride for so many reasons. The quieting of my mind. Community. Freedom. Adrenaline. 

Rita – RRR Member

I enjoy the wind in my hair and being amongst good friends and nature. 

Mark – RRR Member

Because all the worries in the world seem to fade away, it gives you that feeling that you are one with the outside world. 

Erin – RRR Member

It makes me feel alive, happy and relaxed.

Lynn – RRR Member

I ride because it makes me feel free and clears my mind.

Alex – RRR Member

It’s fun and I love that stress free feeling. Riding gives my husband and I some quality time and ‘a break’ from our busy family lives. Even going for a quick ride to the grocery store or an evening out on the bike, it’s always relaxing! 

Jenny – RRR Member

It’s a lot of fun being able to experience the freedom of the open road especially with great people by your side 

Kevin – RRR Member

I ride because of the adventure.  Every trip brings news sights and memories.  

Bethany – RRR Member

I ride to relax and clear my head. I like going fast for short periods, and it’s always more fun exploring the state on a bike

Jake – RRR Member

If I’m being honest, I started riding because my boyfriend did when we met. Now I love being out on the road just us and the wind. The best place to watch the sun set on a warm summer night is on the back of his bike.

Hannah – RRR Member

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